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Date: 15 - 29 Jun, 2017

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General Terms and conditions


Article 1 – OBJECT

The company Caudalie, with a capital of 1,010,300 euros, registered at the Commercial and Companies Registry of Paris, France under number 398 360 123 and with headquarters located at 6 place de Narvik, 75008 PARIS, France, acting through its legal representatives, domiciled for these purposes at the aforementioned headquarters, is organizing a free Competition with random draw with no obligation to purchase called "Life is better in Pink Competition" from 15 Jun, 2017 at 00:00 to 29 Jun, 2017 at 11:59 p.m, HK Time Zone, 2017, uniquely accessible on the Caudalie websites for Honk Kong. This Competition will be held from 15 Jun, 2017 at 00:00 to 29 Jun, 2017 at 11:59 p.m, HK Time Zone


2.1 Access to the Competition

This Competition is open to any physical person over the age of 18 residing in Hong Kong (hereafter referred to as the "Participant") with the exception of the members of personnel of the organisations coordinating the Competition, and any person having directly or indirectly participated in its coordination or execution, as well as the spouses and family of these persons, including ascendants and descendants.

Each participant can upload 10 pictures at maximum, and is eligible to the prize once only. Participation is strictly non-transferable, and the Participant may not play under several pseudonyms nor on behalf of other participants under any circumstances.

When designating the winners, the Organiser reserves the right to require any Participant to justify that these conditions have been met. Any person who does not meet these conditions or who refuses to provide corresponding evidence shall be excluded from the Competition and shall not, in the event of winning, benefit from its prize.

Likewise, any false declaration, indication of identity or address will immediately result in the disqualification of the Participant and, if applicable, the requirement that he or she reimburse any prizes already awarded to him or her.

Participation in the Competition implies the Participant's full acceptance of this regulation.

2.2. Terms of participation

To participate in the Competition, it is necessary to have access to the Internet and a valid electronic address.

To participate, the Competition Participant must open the www.caudalie.com website on the page dedicated to the competition, take part in the Competition by uploading a photo, and enter his or her electronic address and country of origin to confirm his or her participation. At this time, participants have the opportunity to subscribe to the Caudalie newsletter by checking the box provided for this purpose. The Participant accepts that the information entered on the registration form is considered proof of his or her identity. The Participant may enter the contest as many times as he or she likes, at a rate of one entry every 24 hours to be counted as an additional entry.

2.3 Validity of participation

The data and contact information provided by the Participant must be valid and sincere, under penalty of disqualification from the Competition and, if applicable, the loss of winner status.

It is strictly prohibited, by any means whatsoever, to modify or attempt to modify the Competition system in order to change the results or influence, by automatic or disloyal means, the validity of the random drawing or nomination of a winner.

In the case where a Participant has apparently been drawn or has won a prize in infraction of the present regulation – by fraudulent means, such as using automated searches or an algorithm, or by any other means than those resulting from the process described by the Organiser on the Competition Website or by the present regulation –, his or her prize will not be attributed and will remain the property of the Organiser, not to the exclusion of any proceedings that may be brought against the Participant by the Organiser or by third parties.

Article 3 – PRIZES

Competition Participants can win the following prizes:

A Vinosource Moisturzing Sorbet 40ml and one Limited Edition Grape Water 75ml.

Only one single prize may be attributed per person (same last name, same address, same email address) throughout the entire Competition.

5 winners are available to be won throughout the entire duration of the Competition.

The winner agrees to accept the prize as offered, without the option to exchange it, particularly for cash or other goods or services of any kind, or more generally against any kind of financial compensation.

The Organiser reserves the right to replace any prize by another, equivalent prize in terms of value and characteristics, for any reason whatsoever (and in particular for a stock shortage) without incurring any liability in this respect.


4.1 Designation of winners

The 5 winners will receive email on 4 Jul to confirm the prize.

4.2 Attribution of prizes

Winners are informed of their prize by email and are requested to send their contact information within 24 hours of the publication of the post to which he or she has submitted the entry. Failing this, a winner's unresponsiveness will imply his or her pure and simple relinquishment of the prize.

The winner will collect his or her prize at Caudalie HK Stores within specific period, details to be included in the email.


5.1 As part of the Competition, Participants send personal information about themselves to the Organizer, who will be the only recipient.

Entrants agree that Caudalie collects their personal information and reserves the right to use for future promotion and marketing purposes.

5.2 The winners expressly authorize the Organizer to use their contact information (last and first names) on any support, without restriction nor reserve, and without giving rise to the Participant's right to any compensation or advantage whatsoever other than being granted the prize.

Subject to having obtained the express consent of the Participant in advance, the Organizer may use the personal information collected as part of the Competition for marketing and/or communication purposes (client management and canvassing).

5.3 Each Participant has a right to access, modify, correct or delete his or her personal information by writing to the following address: Unit A, 17/F Yardley Commercial Building, 3 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan , Hong Kong


Participation in the Competition implies the agreement, without reserve, to the present regulation in its entirety, the ethical rules in force on the Internet, and French laws, regulations and other applicable texts.

Participation in the Competition implies the understanding of, and agreement to, the characteristics and limitations of Internet, and in particular regarding its technical performances; the response time required to consult, query or transfer information; risks of interruption; and more generally the inherent risks of any Internet connection or transmission, the absence of protection of certain data against possible misappropriation, and the risk of contamination by potential viruses present on the Internet.

Accordingly, the Organiser cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the following, this being a non-exhaustive list:

• the content of the services consulted on the Website and, in a general way, all the information and/or data provided about services consulted on the Website;

• the transmission and/or receipt of any information and/or data over the Internet;

• any malfunction of the Internet which could impede the correct progress and operation of the Competition;

• failure of any reception equipment or communication lines;

• the loss of any postal or electronic mail and, more generally, the loss of any data;

• shipment problems;

• the malfunctioning of any software;

• the consequences of any virus, computer bug, abnormality or technical failure;

• any damage caused to the Player's computer;

• any technical, material or software failure of any kind that may impede or limit the possibility of participating in the Competition or that may have damaged the Participant's data processing system.

It is stipulated that the organiser cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage arising from an interruption or malfunction of any kind; a suspension or conclusion of the Competition, for any reason whatsoever; or any direct or indirect damage that may arise, in any way, shape or form, from the connection to the vinosource.caudalie.com page. It is the Participant's responsibility to take all the appropriate measures in order to protect his or her own data and/or software stored on his or her data processing equipment against any potential attack. The connection of any person to the Website and his or her participation in the Competition remains entirely under his or her responsibility.


7.1 Access

The present full regulation is filed with SCP SIMONIN, LE MAREC & GUERRIER, Associated judicial officers, 54 rue Taitbout, 75009 Paris, France.

The rules of the game are available free of charge upon written request, under the terms and conditions described in 5.2.

No verbal request concerning the Competition or these rules will be answered. Any complaint must be addressed in writing to the Organiser at the following address within three weeks after the end of the Competition session. After this period, no claim shall be accepted.

7.2 Interpretation of the regulation

Any question concerning the application or interpretation of the regulation, or any unforeseen question that might arise, will be totally and unequivocally settled by the decision of the Organiser.

7.3 Modifications

The Organiser reserves the right to prolong, shorten, modify or cancel the Competition at any time, particularly in the event of force majeure, without the Participant being able to claim any compensation.

Any modification to the Competition and regulation will be filed in the form of an amendment with SCP Simonin – Le Marec – Guerrier, Associated judicial officers, with whom the present regulation is filed.


These rules are governed by French law. Any dispute shall be under the jurisdiction of the courts designated by the French code of civil procedure.

This competition is subject to the provisions of the unfair commercial practices Directive 2005/29/EC of May 11, 2005, transposed into French law, and the principles of the Consolidated ICC Code of September 2011 of advertising and marketing communication practice.

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